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Dan Dan Bashi, originally from Tel Aviv, and now based in Ketura, Israel, is an artist and an educator. He graduated from Hamidrasha, Beit Berl College in 2021, receiving recognition such as the Igal Zak Honorary Grant award. He completed the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation professional program for young artists in 2022. Currently, Dan teaches art and ceramics at a special education school, having previously served as the Art track coordinator at Rabin High School and an Art teacher at Mosenson Youth Village. He also has experience as a Teaching Assistant at ceramic workshops

I approach the piece charged and saturated from the every day life. It drags me to different directions that fill me in energy and meaning. The transition to fatherhood, the need to provide for my family but also to fulfill myself, while paving my way as a young artist. All of these are being expressed in the work process.


I express my art using oil paintings, sculpting and objects integration. I approach the raw material, without pre planning or sketches. I start improvising and set the boundaries and nature of my work. During this process I pay attention to the material, action, shape and color.


My work process is characterized by molding symbolism to different parts and elements of the art piece. For example, many times, white and yellow represent the supreme, and drawing a straight line using a ruler means order, grounding and stability.


My work also references to similes. Random similes, that surround me in my daily life and have a meaning to a specific time in my life. Simultaneously, I practice to see and to think abstractly. I try to experience what I see without giving it verbal boundaries. The contradiction between the similes and the abstract, creates tension in me. When a simile comes into my mind, I try to let it go, to forget it and to return to the abstract thoughts. If the simile is stronger, I will emphasize it.


In every art piece, I try to express the essence and the meaning of my experience during that period of time. I keep Internal borders that articulate the same intent, with symbolic patches of color, similes or part of similes and abstracts, all gathering inside.  Some improvised, some intentionally.

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